Connecting small businesses to the heart of the local community

Think local :: support local :: Grow big

'together makes the difference'


a reason for change

Why should we do this? Whats the benefit? Parents, students and teachers are more likely to support, endorse and recommend a business that actively supports the schools in their community. One person, one school, one business can make a difference… What about an entire community?

LOYALTY opportunities

Taco enables businesses to track their loyalty in the programme and look at spending patterns and trends through data. Businesses can use the data to run promotions, targeting specific days or times. Nothing is more attractive than loyalty but it’s data that makes it truly valuable.

Helping the COMMUNITY

Community lies at the heart and soul of Taco’s mission. Taco incentivises parents, students and staff to shop and support local Taco enabled businesses. Businesses then support schools through a small cashback percentage. Together, we can revive the high street and #SaveOurSchools.

Think local, support local, grow BIG


Looking to track customer loyalty? We understand small businesses, we are one. We also understand the importance of growth and helping you reach old customers and increase new ones.

Our network of PTA’s, schools and parents helps you grow that reach. Through our school loyalty programme you can motivate new or existing customers to increase local footfall and sales.


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A socially conscious company by a female founder


We are a friendly bunch and we love to chat. We believe that together we are stronger and by thinking local and supporting local, we can all grow big. If you would like to know more as a small business or as a PTA, then drop us a line and lets start a revolution, where kindness is financially rewarding.